Dialysis (RENAL CARE) is of two types.


Hemo-Dialysis is done for acute kidney failure and chronic renal failure. In acute renal failure, we introduce a catheter in the femoral vein or internal jugular vein.

Dialysis removes the excess urea and creatinine and other waste products. This is a temporary form of dialysis and is done till the kidneys recover.

Hemo-Dialysis in chronic renal failure is done when the both the kidneys of the patient have been damaged permanently. This should be done two to three times a week.


Peritoneal Dialysis also known as CAPD, is a form of dialysis which can be done at home by the patient. A CAPD catheter is placed in the peritoneal cavity and dialysis is performed by  instilling CAPD fluid into the peritoneal cavity. It is indwelled for 4-8 hrs and then drained out.

Dialysis takes place inside the peritoneal cavity and urea, creatinine and other waste products are removed.

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